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Rwenzori Mountain

Mountain RwenzoriThe Rwenzori Mountan(5,109m) or Mountains of the Moon is the snowy source of the Nile referred to by early geographers 17 centuries before European explorers marked it on their maps.

The high Rwenzori is a montane wonderland, the trails to the snow peaks following glacier-carved valleys filled with fantastically colored mosses and rare Afro-alpine plants that include giant forms of lobelias, heathers and groundsels.

Mountain Climbing

The combination of spectacular snow-capped peaks, glaciers, v-shaped valleys, fast flowing rivers with magnificent waterfalls, clear blue lakes provide a worthy challenge to any mountain climber in addition to adding to the area’s exceptional natural beauty.

Africa’s botanical big game
The park also offers a unique and pure landscape of alpine vegetation dotted with fascinating giant lobelias, groundsels, and heathers which have been called “Africa’s botanical big game”. The natural vegetation has been classified as belonging to five distinct zones, determined largely by altitude and features. The higher altitude zones, covered by heath and Afro-alpine moorland, extend from around 3,500m to the snow line and represent the rarest.


If nothing else on this mountain charms you, then you wont be able to resist the amazing scenery. The mountain is a picturesque landscape of forests, waterfalls, rare plant life, fauna, a snowy white peak and a dazzling reflection of the snow from the effect of moonlight. This scenery changes with the time of the dya as the aurora changes from misty white to the brilliant burnt orange of the evenings


The Rwenzoris have been recognized as an important bird area with 217 bird species recorded to date, a number expected to increase as the park becomes better surveyed. The montane forest are also a home to threatened species such as the African Forest Elephants and Buffaloes which are shy and are in the densest part of the forest, Eastern Chimpanzees and L’Hoest’s monkey. The endangered Rwenzori Black-fronted or red duiker, believed to be a much localized subspecies or possibly a separate species, appears to be restricted to the park.

Sighting of the 2-Horned Chameleon
A sighting of the 2-horned chameleon is guaranteed to awaken you as each color change makes you think of a totally different creature.